Experience Your Financial Freedom with Centi

Centi isn’t just a digital wallet; it’s your personalized financial companion. With our self-custodial wallet, you alone control your funds, ensuring unmatched security. Enjoy easy access, shopping online and at point of sale, diverse top-up methods, remittances at affordable fees, and direct, private transactions.

Go Centi and unleash your world of financial empowerment.


Digitize Your Physical Cash

Centi allows you to digitize your physical cash - quick and easy - combining the inclusivity of cash with the benefits of digital payment. You can top-up your Centi wallet using cash at participating locations.

No one can access your funds

Experience an unmatched level of financial security with Centi's self-custodial wallet. Only you have access to your money. This unique feature is giving you peace of mind and full control over your finances.

No one but you can access your money

Immediate money transfer at ultra low fees

Send money to friends and family with Centi’s fast and secure remittance services. Save time and money with our efficient, affordable payment solutions.

Online Shopping

Centi enables your seamless online shopping experiences. Just choose Centi as your payment method at checkout, scan the provided QR code, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction."


Smooth peer-to-peer transactions

Just broadcast your personal Centi QR code and start reveiving payments without disclosing any personal data such as phone numbers or email-addresses. This feature enhances a maximum of privacy and also streamlines the transaction process, creating a secure and user-friendly experience for both senders and receivers.


Centi’s micropayment feature allows you to send small amounts of money as tips or donations to your favorite artists, influencers, and content creators. You can support the content you love and your favourite creators receive a fair compensation for their work.